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OSIRIS-REx Flyby Finder Chart

You can use this sky chart and table of positions to help you observe OSIRIS-REx. The chart shows the position at the specified central time and clicking on the chart will give a more detailed view. The table below the chart lists the position and magnitude of OSIRIS-REx at one minute intervals. The initial time is set close to the time of closest approach and you will probably have to adjust it to the best viewing time for your location - check the altitude and brightness in the table to find a suitable time.

Central time for sky chart and table

 Year Month Day Time      

Time period to extend table and track either side of central time minutes. (max. 60)

Dimmest stars are magnitude +5. Click on the chart to zoom in on that part of the sky

Table of positions for your location

Time Distance (km) Brightness Altitude Azimuth Right ascension Declination Constellation Sun altitude
Sep 22, 16:42:0022,7899.83.1°177.0°19h 38.6m-85° 41'Octans17.6°
Sep 22, 16:43:0022,6609.83.6°178.2°18h 28.2m-86° 1'Octans17.4°
Sep 22, 16:44:0022,5419.84.0°179.5°17h 12.6m-85° 56'Octans17.1°
Sep 22, 16:45:0022,4319.84.4°180.8°16h 6.1m-85° 27'Octans16.9°
Sep 22, 16:46:0022,3329.84.9°182.1°15h 15.3m-84° 39'Octans16.6°
Sep 22, 16:47:0022,2429.85.3°183.4°14h 38.6m-83° 39'Octans16.4°
Sep 22, 16:48:0022,1629.85.6°184.8°14h 12.1m-82° 33'Apus16.1°
Sep 22, 16:49:0022,0939.86.0°186.1°13h 52.5m-81° 21'Chamaeleon15.9°
Sep 22, 16:50:0022,0359.86.4°187.5°13h 37.6m-80° 6'Chamaeleon15.6°
Sep 22, 16:51:0021,9869.86.7°188.9°13h 25.9m-78° 49'Chamaeleon15.4°
Sep 22, 16:52:0021,9499.97.0°190.2°13h 16.6m-77° 30'Chamaeleon15.1°
Sep 22, 16:53:0021,9219.97.4°191.6°13h 9.0m-76° 10'Chamaeleon14.9°
Sep 22, 16:54:0021,9059.97.7°193.0°13h 2.7m-74° 49'Musca14.6°
Sep 22, 16:55:0021,8999.97.9°194.5°12h 57.4m-73° 28'Musca14.4°
Sep 22, 16:56:0021,9049.98.2°195.9°12h 52.9m-72° 6'Musca14.1°
Sep 22, 16:57:0021,92010.08.4°197.3°12h 48.9m-70° 44'Musca13.9°
Sep 22, 16:58:0021,94610.08.7°198.7°12h 45.5m-69° 22'Musca13.6°
Sep 22, 16:59:0021,98310.08.9°200.1°12h 42.5m-68° 0'Musca13.4°
Sep 22, 17:00:0022,03110.09.1°201.5°12h 39.8m-66° 38'Musca13.1°
Sep 22, 17:01:0022,08910.19.2°202.9°12h 37.3m-65° 16'Musca12.9°
Sep 22, 17:02:0022,15710.19.4°204.4°12h 35.2m-63° 55'Crux12.6°