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Location: Emblem
(62.4273°N, 6.4710°E)
Time: 22:38:47



Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation CMa
Genitive Canis Majoris
Area 380 square degrees (Rank 43)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
α CMaSirius-1.446h 45m-16° 43'A0m...
ε CMaAdhara1.506h 59m-28° 58'B2II
δ CMaWezen1.837h 8m-26° 24'F8Ia
β CMaMirzam1.986h 23m-17° 57'B1II/III
η CMaAludra2.457h 24m-29° 18'B5Ia
ζ CMaFurud3.026h 20m-30° 4'B2.5V
ο2 CMa 3.027h 3m-23° 50'B3Ia
σ CMa 3.497h 2m-27° 56'K4III
κ CMa 3.506h 50m-32° 31'B1.5IVne
ο1 CMa 3.896h 54m-24° 11'K3Iab
ν2 CMa 3.956h 37m-19° 15'K1III+...
ω CMa 4.017h 15m-26° 46'B2IV/Ve
θ CMa 4.086h 54m-12° 2'K4III
γ CMaMuliphein4.117h 4m-15° 38'B8II
ξ1 CMa 4.346h 32m-23° 25'B1III
ι CMa 4.366h 56m-17° 3'B3Ib/II
τ CMa 4.377h 19m-24° 57'O9Ib
27 CMa 4.427h 14m-26° 21'B3III
ν3 CMa 4.426h 38m-18° 14'K0II/III
λ CMa 4.476h 28m-32° 35'B4V