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Location: Kitt Peak
(31.9639°N, 111.5992°W)
Time: 18:50:43



Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Cap
Genitive Capricorni
Area 414 square degrees (Rank 40)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
δ Cap 2.8521h 47m-16° 8'A5mF2 (IV)
β CapDabih3.0520h 21m-14° 47'A5:n
α2 CapAlgedi3.5820h 18m-12° 33'G6/G8III
γ CapNashira3.6921h 40m-16° 40'A7III:mp...
ζ Cap 3.7721h 27m-22° 25'G4Ibp...
θ Cap 4.0821h 6m-17° 14'A1V
ω Cap 4.1220h 52m-26° 55'K4III
ψ Cap 4.1320h 46m-25° 16'F5V
ι Cap 4.2821h 22m-16° 50'G8III
α1 Cap 4.3020h 18m-12° 30'G3Ib
24 Cap 4.4921h 7m-25° 0'K5/M0III
36 Cap 4.5021h 29m-21° 48'K0III