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Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Cet
Genitive Ceti
Area 1231 square degrees (Rank 4)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
β CetDiphda2.040h 44m-17° 59'K0III
α CetMenkar2.543h 2m4° 5'M2III
η Cet 3.461h 9m-10° 11'K2III
γ Cet 3.472h 43m3° 14'A3V
τ Cet 3.491h 44m-15° 56'G8V
ι Cet 3.560h 19m-8° 49'K2III
θ Cet 3.601h 24m-8° 11'K0III
ζ CetBaten Kaitos3.741h 51m-10° 20'K2III
υ Cet 3.992h 0m-21° 5'K5/M0III
δ Cet 4.082h 39m0° 20'B2IV
π Cet 4.242h 44m-13° 52'B7IV
μ Cet 4.272h 45m10° 7'F1III-IV
ξ2 Cet 4.302h 28m8° 28'B9III
ξ1 Cet 4.362h 13m8° 51'G8II:
7 Cet 4.440h 15m-18° 56'M1III