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Location: Albany
(35.0000°S, 118.0000°E)
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Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Eri
Genitive Eridani
Area 1138 square degrees (Rank 6)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
α EriAchernar0.451h 38m-57° 14'B3Vp
β EriCursa2.785h 8m-5° 5'A3IIIvar
θ1 EriAcamar2.882h 58m-40° 18'A4III+...
γ EriZaurak2.973h 58m-13° 30'M1IIIb Ca-1
δ Eri 3.523h 43m-9° 46'K0IV
υ4 Eri 3.554h 18m-33° 48'B9V
φ Eri 3.562h 17m-51° 31'B8IV-V
χ Eri 3.691h 56m-51° 37'G5IV
τ4 Eri 3.703h 20m-21° 45'M3/M4III
ε EriRan3.723h 33m-9° 27'K2V
υ2 Eri 3.814h 36m-30° 34'G8III
53 Eri 3.864h 38m-14° 18'K1III
η EriAzha3.892h 56m-8° 54'K1III-IV
ν Eri 3.934h 36m-3° 21'B2III SB
43 Eri 3.974h 24m-34° 1'K4III
μ Eri 4.014h 46m-3° 15'B5IV
ο1 EriBeid4.044h 12m-6° 50'F2II-III
τ3 Eri 4.083h 2m-23° 37'A4V
ι Eri 4.112h 41m-39° 51'K0III
τ6 Eri 4.223h 47m-23° 15'F3/F5V
κ Eri 4.242h 27m-47° 42'B5IV
λ Eri 4.255h 9m-8° 45'B2IVn
τ5 Eri 4.263h 34m-21° 38'B9V
54 Eri 4.324h 40m-19° 40'M3/M4III
ω Eri 4.364h 53m-5° 27'A9IV
π Eri 4.433h 46m-12° 6'M1III
ο2 EriKeid4.434h 15m-7° 39'K1V
32 Eri 4.463h 54m-2° 57'G8III
τ1 Eri 4.472h 45m-18° 34'F5/F6V
υ1 Eri 4.494h 34m-29° 46'K0III