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Location: ČR
(50.0000°N, 15.0000°E)
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Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Gem
Genitive Geminorum
Area 514 square degrees (Rank 30)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
β GemPollux1.167h 45m28° 2'K0IIIvar
α GemCastor1.587h 35m31° 53'A2Vm
γ GemAlhena1.936h 38m16° 24'A0IV
μ Gem 2.876h 23m22° 31'M3IIIvar
ε GemMebsuta3.066h 44m25° 8'A3mA6-A9
η GemPropus3.316h 15m22° 30'M3III
ξ Gem 3.356h 45m12° 54'F5IV
δ GemWasat3.507h 20m21° 59'F0IV...
κ Gem 3.577h 44m24° 24'G8III
λ Gem 3.587h 18m16° 32'A3V...
θ Gem 3.606h 53m33° 58'A3III
ι Gem 3.787h 26m27° 48'G9III+...
ζ GemMekbuda4.017h 4m20° 34'G3Ibv SB
υ Gem 4.067h 36m26° 54'K5III
ν Gem 4.136h 29m20° 13'B6III
1 Gem 4.166h 4m23° 16'G7III
ρ Gem 4.167h 29m31° 47'F0V...
σ Gem 4.237h 43m28° 53'K1III SB
τ Gem 4.417h 11m30° 15'K2III
30 Gem 4.496h 44m13° 14'K1III