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Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Per
Genitive Persei
Area 615 square degrees (Rank 24)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
α PerMirfak1.793h 24m49° 52'F5Ib
β PerAlgol2.093h 8m40° 57'B8V
ζ Per 2.843h 54m31° 53'B1Ib
ε Per 2.903h 58m40° 1'B0.5V
γ Per 2.913h 5m53° 30'G8III+...
δ Per 3.013h 43m47° 47'B5III SB
ρ Per 3.323h 5m38° 50'M3IIIvar
η Per 3.772h 51m55° 54'K3Ib comp SB
ν Per 3.773h 45m42° 35'F5IIvar
κ Per 3.793h 9m44° 51'K0III
ο PerAtik3.843h 44m32° 17'B1III
τ Per 3.932h 54m52° 46'G4III...
48 Per 3.964h 9m47° 43'B3Ve
ξ PerMenkib3.983h 59m35° 47'O7.5Iab:
φ Per 4.011h 44m50° 41'B2Vpe
ι Per 4.053h 9m49° 37'G0V
θ Per 4.102h 44m49° 14'F7V
μ Per 4.124h 15m48° 25'G0Ib...
16 Per 4.222h 51m38° 19'F2III
58 Per 4.254h 37m41° 16'G8II comp
λ Per 4.254h 7m50° 21'A0IVn
ψ Per 4.323h 36m48° 12'B5Ve
σ Per 4.363h 31m48° 0'K3III