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Location: San Antonio
(29.4240°N, 98.4930°W)
Time: 22:17:31



Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Psc
Genitive Piscium
Area 889 square degrees (Rank 14)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
η Psc 3.621h 31m15° 21'G8III
γ Psc 3.7023h 17m3° 17'G7III
α PscAlrescha3.822h 2m2° 46'A2
ω Psc 4.0323h 59m6° 52'F4IV
ι Psc 4.1323h 40m5° 38'F7V
ο Psc 4.261h 45m9° 9'K0III
θ Psc 4.2723h 28m6° 23'K1III
ε Psc 4.271h 3m7° 53'K0III
30 Psc 4.370h 2m-6° 1'M3III
δ Psc 4.440h 49m7° 35'K5III
ν Psc 4.451h 41m5° 29'K3III
β Psc 4.4823h 4m3° 49'B6Ve
λ Psc 4.4923h 42m1° 47'A7V