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Sky chart of the constellation

Abbreviation Aqr
Genitive Aquarii
Area 980 square degrees (Rank 10)
A little mythology

Brightest stars

DesignationNameApparent magnitudeRight ascensionDeclinationSpectral type
β AqrSadalsuud2.9021h 32m-5° 34'G0Ib
α AqrSadalmelik2.9522h 6m0° 19'G2Ib
δ AqrSkat3.2722h 55m-15° 49'A3V
ζ1 Aqr 3.6522h 29m0° 1'F3III-IV
88 Aqr 3.6823h 9m-21° 10'K1III
λ Aqr 3.7322h 53m-7° 35'M2IIIvar
ε AqrAlbali3.7820h 48m-9° 30'A1V
γ AqrSadachbia3.8622h 22m-1° 23'A0V
98 Aqr 3.9623h 23m-20° 6'K0III
η Aqr 4.0422h 35m0° 7'B9IV-Vn
τ2 Aqr 4.0522h 50m-13° 36'K5III
θ AqrAncha4.1722h 17m-7° 47'G8III-IV
φ Aqr 4.2223h 14m-6° 3'M2III
ψ1 Aqr 4.2423h 16m-9° 5'K0III
ι Aqr 4.2922h 6m-13° 52'B8V
99 Aqr 4.3823h 26m-20° 39'K4III
ψ2 Aqr 4.4123h 18m-9° 11'B5Vn
3 Aqr 4.4320h 48m-5° 2'M3IIIvar
86 Aqr 4.4823h 7m-23° 45'G8III
ω2 Aqr 4.4923h 43m-14° 33'B9V
ν Aqr 4.5021h 10m-11° 22'G8III