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Mythology of the constellation Andromeda

The story of Andromeda, daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia, of Ethiopia, brings together many notable names of legend. Her mother's boastfulness and pride greatly angered the sea gods and this resulted in Andromeda being sacrificed in order to appease them. Knowing full well that she would be at the mercy of the sea monster, Cetus, the King and Queen allowed their young daughter to be chained to a rock on a cliff overlooking the sea. However fate, in the person of Perseus, intervened. Riding home on the winged horse Pegasus, he heard Andromeda's screams as Cetus approached her. Holding high the head of Medusa (see legend of Perseus) he charged towards the monster who was instantly turned to stone as he looked upon the severed head. Taking great care to prevent Andromeda from looking at the head, he then released her from her chains. The young couple immediately fell in love and, as Perseus had just saved their daughter's life, Cepheus and Cassiopeia readily consented to their marriage.